Smoke vent with glazing (mobile)

Smoke vent with glazing
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CSP  1073Q, ISD--

Smoke vent with glazing

From £XXX incl. VAT

For roof pitch 0-15°

The smoke vent with glazing is developed to meet safety requirements while providing comfort for the users of the building. In case of a fire, the window automatically opens to let smoke and other harmful gasses out. Perfect for stairwells and annex connections.
  • AA fire rated
  • Tested and certified to EN ISO 12101-2
  • 2-layer insulated glass
  • Possibility for daily ventilation with control system

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Product details

The steps below will guide you through your product options.

Step 1 - Choose a top unit

Robust polycarbonate or acrylic material used in the in the smoke vent dome with glazing is virtually impervious to damage from hail, ice pellets and other extreme weather.

Transparent dome

Transparent surface provides clear views to the outside and good daylight.

 Clear dome

Opaque dome

Opaque surface provides daylight and increased privacy.

VELUX Opaque dome

Step 2 - Base unit

The smoke vent dome with glazing comes with a top which opens all the way up to 50 cm to quickly release smoke and other harmful gasses in time-critical situations. It can also open up to approx. 15 cm for daily comfort ventilation. Control system for operating multiple windows and daily ventilation purchased separately.

Smoke vent base unit

Step 3 - Smoke exhaust accessories

Smoke sensors, control system and break glass units to be purchased separately.

Control unit

For operation of up to four flat roof smoke exhaust domes. Choose between 2 control units to operated 1 or 2 flat roof windows.
KFC 210 or KFC 220

Control unit

Smoke detector

For early fire detection.
KFA 100

Break glass point

For activating the smoke exhaust function. 
KFK 100

Brake glass point

Step 4 - Possible installation add-ons

Step 5 – Complete your smoke vent with glazing 

VELUX blinds are easily installed with the window both for heat protection and blackout purposes.

Anti-heat blind

Reduces solar heating.
MSG* **
Anti-heat blind

Blackout energy pleated blind

Blackout and insulating effect
FSK* **
VELUX blackout energy pleated

*Approval by local fire authorities is needed before installation.

**Solar powered blinds are not recommended with opaque dome.

Unsure of what product to choose?

Sizes and prices

Windows are available in the following sizes (W x H)


Code Description


Top unit
 ISD  0000 Transparent acrylic dome    
 ISD  0010 Transparent polycarbonate dome    
 ISD  0100 Opaque acrylic dome    
 ISD  0110 Opaque polycarbonate    
Base unit
 CSP  1073Q Base unit    
Installation accessories
 KFC 210 Control system for operation of 4 windows or 1 flat roof window    
 KFC 220 Control system for operation of 8 pitched roof windows or 2 flat roof window    
 KFA 100 Smoke sensor    
 KFK 100 Break glass unit    
 LSF 2000 Lining    
 BDX 0000 Vapour barrier    
 MSG--** Anti-heat blind solar-powered*    
 FSK--** Blackout energy pleated blind solar-powered*    
All prices are incl. VAT.

* Approval by local fire authorities is needed before installation.
**Solar powered blinds are not recommended with opaque dome.

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