Roof exit with glazing (mobile)

VELUX Roof exit
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CXP 0473Q, ISD--

Flat roof exit with glazing

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For roof pitch 0-15°

The VELUX roof exit with glazing, is a flat roof window with manual exit functionality featuring a 2-layer insulating glass unit and a dome skin of polycarbonate or acrylic. The top unit opens up to 60° degrees for easy exit in case of fire.
  • Easy access to the roof or terrace
  • Opens on reliable gas arm struts
  • Good insulation and sound reduction

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Product details

The steps below will guide you through your product options.

Step 1 - Choose a top unit

Robust polycarbonate or acrylic material used in the roof exit with glazing is virtually impervious to damage from hail, ice pellets and other extreme weather.

Transparent dome

Transparent surface provides clear views to the outside and good daylight.

Clear dome

Opaque dome

Opaque surface provides daylight and increased privacy.

VELUX Opaque dome

Step 2 - Base unit

The flat roof exit dome comes with a base unit which opens up to 60° for unimpeded access. Top opens smoothly on a gas arm struts. The insulated PVC base unit construction frame provides good thermal insulation.

VELUX Roof exit top unit


Step 3 - Choose installation add-ons if needed

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Sizes and prices

Windows are available in the following sizes (W x H)

Example of prices 

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Code Description


Top unit
 ISD  0000 Transparent acrylic dome      
 ISD  0010 Transparent polycarbonate dome      
 ISD  0100 Opaque acrylic dome      
 ISD  0110 Opaque polycarbonate      
Base unit
 CXP 0473Q Base unit      
Installation accessories
 ZCE 0015 Extension kerb 150 mm with flange      
 ZCE 1015 Extension kerb 150 mm without flange      
 LSF 2000 Lining for flat roof      
 ZZZ 210 Frame fixing fit      
 BBX 0000 Vapour barrier      
All prices are incl. VAT.

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