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Translucent pleated blind for flat roof windows

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The VELUX pleated blind for flat roof windows delivers soft daylight control in a decorative folding design. This is the perfect choice for living rooms with activity during the day.

  • Decorative design and soft light adjustment
  • Mains powered blind with remote control
  • Suitable for CFP/CVP Flat & Curved glass (purchased before Summer 2021) and Dome with glazing. Please check window type when purchasing blind.

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Which blind fits my window?


Available in white and classic sand.

The VELUX translucent pleated blind will soften the light entering the room. The degree to which the light is softened depends on the colour of the blind.

Electric mains powered and remote operated

Simplify your home living with VELUX INTEGRA® mains powered blinds. They come with a ready to use remote wall switch for fast and easy installation and operation. Select mains powered VELUX INTEGRA® blinds for your mains powered VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows.

Mains powered blinds are compatible with VELUX ACTIVE for a healthier indoor climate. More about VELUX ACTIVE

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