Choosing the right windows

Did you know that roof windows actually offer twice the amount of natural light compared to normal vertical windows? Whether you’re planning a loft conversion, extension or renovation of an existing room, our wide selection means we’ve probably got a great-looking, durable window for you that fits right in.

Different windows for different needs

Is the roof on your top floor sloped or flat? Within reach or out of reach? Would you like to operate it remotely or manually? See just some of the possibilities below.

  • 1. Top-operated roof window


    The only roof window on the market with top operation. Easy to operate even with furniture placed directly under. 
    Easy opening and closing with the top control bar
    Low installation possibility for better view
    Centre-pivot function for easy cleaning of the outer pane
  • 2. Electric roof window


    The ultimate choice for out-of-reach installations. Remote control operation includes a control pad for effortless operation of all your windows and shutters/blinds.

    Remote-controlled operation

    Mains- or solar-powered

    Can be programmed to open and close automatically
  • 3. Flat roof window

    Flat roof windows

    For flat roofs with a pitch from 0-15°, we offer the classic bubble-shaped dome window plus two new, modern versions that feature elegant-yet-durable glass.
    Available in many sizes for mixing and matching
    Choose fixed, manual or electric operation
    VELUX INTEGRA® remote-controlled blinds/shutters
  • 4. Sun tunnel

    Sun tunnels

    Designed to provide natural lighting to areas that may be too small for a regular roof window, such as corridors, stairwells, bathrooms and closets. 
    Provides daylight even to the most central parts of the home
    Can be installed anywhere there is 6 m or less between roof and ceiling
  • 5. Bottom-operated roof window


    The ideal choice if you want to place the window in a high position, ex. in connection with a high knee wall.

    Operated via the handle at the bottom
    Installation in high position
  • 6. VELUX Cabrio® balcony

    VELUX Cabrio® balcony

    Fits snugly to the roof when closed, but becomes an instant balcony when opened. Adds light, air and a great view from your living space.
    Turns from roof window to balcony in seconds
    Makes it possible to step outside
  • 7. Roof terrace

    Roof terrace

    Stunning way to access the roof terrace without a conventional door. Built directly into the lowest part of your roof to make the most of your living space. 
    A doorway to the outside terrace
    The upper section opens as a roof window
    Provides extra daylight and a great floor-to-ceiling view
  • 8. VELUX Modular Skylights

    VELUX Modular Skylights

    Specially designed to bring natural light into modern flat roof homes. Replaces dark ceilings with mesmerising, constantly changing skies and daylight.
    A defining feature of the home
    Modular system for flexible configuration and fast installation