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For roof pitch 0-15°

A simple flat roof dome solution for uninhabited rooms or buildings such as warehouses, garages, sheds, or smaller industrial buildings.  Available in a fixed or electrically vented version, with 2- or 3-layer dome skins.
  • Standard daylight area
  • Standard energy performance

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Product details

The steps below will guide you through your product options.

Step 1 - Choose a top unit

Acrylic- or polycarbonate dome skins in opaque surface provides diffused daylight, improving the light needed for working.

2-layer dome skins

2 layer dome is suitable for uninhabited rooms. Available in acrylic or polycarbonate.

VELUX dome, 2 layer glass

3-layer dome skins

3 layer dome for more insulation in uninhabited rooms. Available in acrylic or polycarbonate.

Dome 3 layers glass

Step 2 - Choose a base unit

PVC base unit in either 15 cm or 30 cm.   


Choose a fixed base unit for rooms where you want to bring in daylight but without the possibility of extra ventilation.

VELUX dome, fixed

Electric ventilation

Choose an electrically vented base unit for the possibility of bringing in both daylight and ventilation for better indoor comfort.

VELUX dome, Electric ventilation

Step 3 - Choose installation add-ons if needed

Products for replacement

The replacement products will enable you to do an efficient and quick replacement of 3rd party domes without replacing the base unit.
You can even upgrade an existing fixed dome to a ventilated one.

Unsure of what product to choose?

Sizes and prices

Windows are available in the following sizes (W x H)











Example of prices 

You can find the complete price in the brochure.


100x100 150x150
Code Description


Top unit
 ISJ  0102 2-layer acrylic dome skin      
 ISJ  0103 3-layer acrylic dome skin      
 ISJ  0112 2-layer polycarbonate dome skin      
 ISJ  0113 3-layer polycarbonate dome skin      
Base unit
 CFJ  0010 Fixed base unit 15 cm      
 CFJ  1010 Fixed base unit 30 cm      
 CFJ  2020 Fixed base unit 50 cm      
 CVJ  0210 Vented base unit 15 cm
 CVJ  1210 Vented base unit 30 cm      
 CVJ  2220 Vented base unit 50 cm      
Installation accessories
 ZZZ 210J Securing kit for roofing material      
 ZZZ 257 Fall-through protection grid      
 ZCJ 1210 Replacement kit for ventilation      
 ZCJ 0000 Replacement frame      
 LSF 2000 Lining for flat roof      
All prices are incl. VAT.

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