Dome with glazing (mobile)

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CFP--, CVP--, ISD--

Dome with glazing

From £XXX incl. VAT

For roof pitch 0-15°

The VELUX flat roof dome with glazing is the modern version of the roof window bubble, perfect for offices, clinics, workshops and homes. The window consists of a high insulation PVC construction and two-layer low-energy pane.
  • Modern flat roof window bubble
  • Exterior dome for sound insulation
  • Opaque variant available for optimal privacy

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Product details

The steps below will guide you through your product options.

Step 1 - Choose a top unit

Acrylic –or polycarbonate dome skins let in daylight and fresh air through the flat roof, without compromising on energy efficiency.

Clear dome

Transparent surface provides clear views to the outside and good daylight.Clear dome

Opaque dome

Opaque surface provides daylight and increased privacy.

VELUX Opaque dome

Step 2 - Choose a base unit

PVC base unit construction provides good thermal insulation. Available with 2-layer glazing and laminated insulated glass unit for safety.


Fixed base unit is ideal for bringing in daylight without adding extra ventilation.



Electric ventilation

Electrically-vented frame provides fresh air at the touch of a button. It comes with a pre-installed rain sensor and is compatible with VELUX ACTIVE.

Electric ventilation

Step 3 - Choose installation add-ons if needed

Step 4 – Complete your dome with glazing

VELUX blinds are easily installed with the window both for heat protection and blackout purposes.

Step 5 – Consider upgrading your indoor climate

Get the most out of your blinds, shutters and roof windows with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO.

Comfort, automated

VELUX ACTIVE smart home control automatically tracks air quality and temperature, thus keeping your indoor climate fresh and healthy. You can control it all with the intuitive VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO app.

Discover how VELUX ACTIVE works


Unsure of what product to choose?

Sizes and prices

Windows are available in the following sizes (W x H)










Example of prices 

You can find the complete price in the brochure.


100x100 150x150
Code Description


Top unit
 ISD  0000 Clear acrylic dome      
 ISD  0010 Clear polycarbonate dome      
 ISD  0100 Opaque acrylic dome      
 ISD  0110 Opaque polycarbonate      
Base unit
 CFP--  Fixed base unit 2-layer glazing      
 CVP--  Vented base unit 2-layer glazing      
Installation accessories
 ZCE 0015 Extension kerb 150 mm with flange      
 ZCE 1015 Extension kerb 150 mm without flange      
 LSF 2000 Lining for flat roof      
 ZZZ 210 Frame fixing fit      
 BBX 0000 Vapour barrier      
Blinds & smart home products
 MSG--* Anti-heat blind solar-powered      
 FMG-- Translucent pleated blind mains-powered      
 FMK-- Blackout energy pleated mains-powered      
 FSK--* Blackout energy pleated blind solar-powered      
 KUX 110 EU VELUX INTEGRA® power supply unit      
 KIX 300 EU2 VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO Starter Kit      
All prices are incl. VAT.  *Solar powered blinds are not recommended with opaque dome.

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